What is our normal cruise route?

We cruise the Delaware River along the Philadelphia / Camden Waterfronts and can go as far south as The Navy Yard and north as the Palmyra Bridge.

En route we pass USS New Jersey, Penn’s Landing, The Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges and much more of the historic waterfront.

Where do we park?

There is self-parking directly in front of the Yacht at Freedom Pier 101 King Street Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Can we bring food and beverages?

While the North Wind does not offer catering services, you are welcome to bring both food and beverages aboard.  We only ask that you remove all waste and left over items at the end of the cruise.

What should I wear for the cruise?

Soft-soled shoes are required and the dress is very casual and comfortable. Depending on season, layered clothes work best.

What’s happens with bad weather?

Safety is our primary concern.  If the captain of the North Wind feels that the weather will cause unsafe conditions, then the cruise will be canceled.  We will offer alternate dates in order to reschedule.

• When will the decision be made to cancel a trip due to bad weather?

Unless there’s a tropical storm heading our way, the decision is typically made just prior to departure time.

 What about being caught out in a lightning storm?

During the summertime, lightning storm forecasts are a common occurrence. Most of these do not materialize, but if one does “pop up” while sailing and when possible, we will head for the dock as soon as we can. Our captains are excellent at reading these storms: where they are and where they are going.

What about motion sickness?

Since we sail in relatively protected waters and we have a heavy ballasted keel, it is very rare for people to get seasick (less than 1%). We recommend getting “sea bands” for your wrists if you are concerned about this. . Motion Sickness pills will work too, however the side effect is they may make you drowsy. We do not sell medication to help with motion sickness; please bring anything you may need with you.