Youth Programs on the North Wind

The North Wind youth programs vary from year to year largely based on grants and funding.

Schooner North Wind 
The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Education Program 2018

The Schooner North Wind participated in the education program during the 2018 Great Chesapeak Bay Schooner Race in Baltimore.  Our program was called "What Floats Our Boat"  See the video here.


Schooner North Wind Camp

Schooner camps have provided local youth with the opportunity to learn about the maritime world, presenting them a pathway for future educational and job opportunities. The students learn teamwork, trust and respect for themselves, others and the environment. The GCS program reaches out to youth in the area.

Youth Curriculum Aboard the Schooner North Wind

A detailed teaching curriculum has been developed as part of a Rowan University project, which is centered around the Schooner North Wind.  It entails Geology of the Delaware River, Delaware valley colonial history and the science and rudiments of sailing.

GC Sail is very willing to work with educational groups which would be interested in using all or part of this curriculum in conjunction with the Schooner North Wind.  Please contact us for furter details.

The Curriculum can be viewed here.