Volunteering on the Schooner North Wind

Welcome to the Gloucester City Sail community and the Schooner North Wind.

Our mission is to give local youth the opportunity to do science, learn history and work on the Schooner North Wind while sailing on the Delaware River.

To fund our mission, we also operate public 2 hour sails to view our areas skylines, learn area history, see fireworks, sip wine & cheese and just relax.  We also offer private charters to enjoy and celebrate  birthdays, retirements, family reunions, employ appreciation and other events.

We are currently an all-volunteer organization.  All aspects of running Gloucester City Sail and the Schooner North Wind are organized and most often implemented by our dedicated volunteers.

Volunteer tasks include, Captains, Mates, Deck Hands, Experiential Instructors, passenger check ins, marketing, social media, maintenance, and planning. For most tasks, no prior specific experience is required. Our current mates for example started with us with close to no boating experience.

We hold scheduled volunteer training during the beginning of each season over 5 weekends starting in February or March. Training classes include Emergency Procedures, Seamanship, Sail Handling and Experiential Training.

While it is possible to start volunteering anytime during the year, we greatly encourage you to begin with our training classes, especially if you would like to work on deck. See the Application Form and Schedule Buttons above.


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